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FTFL This Week: Why Put Off Being Happy This Year too?

published27 days ago
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Hello Reader,

I believe it’s a crime to put off happiness today for possible happiness at a later date. Tomorrow is not promised to you and may never come.

Be productive now to possibly enjoy more time later? Sacrifice now by working more hours to accumulate more freedom for later? Save your money today so you can have even more to enjoy tomorrow?

This all makes sense and can even be considered Golden Rules but not always. There are times these default positions can become toxic and lead to disaster and regret later in life.

Why do many of us constantly forgo enjoying life or simply having a good time for the promise of building some imaginary future later? Why You Should Avoid Building A Toxic Better Future.


Do you believe there are pills that can change your life for the better? Ever hear of Smart Drugs?

Why You Should Avoid Building A Toxic Better Future

Learn to avoid building a toxic better future. Living half of your life and suddenly realizing you are not living the life you envisioned can be a nightmare. You may have spent years working hard to build a toxic better future.

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Purposeful Living Basics

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