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FTFL #74 Saying "NO" To Say "YES" To Happiness

published20 days ago
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Hello Reader,

Saying "YES" to ANTHING can be dangerous. It can tie you and your time up for hours, days or even years. Think about it!

Your time and happiness is precious. How many times have you harmlessly said yes to something that obligated you to misery for hours, days or even years?

OK, enough negative thoughts. Let's think happy and Use The Power Of Saying “NO” To Make Your Life Less Complicated.

Never say "YES" to ANYTHING when first asked! The answer to any possible future obligation is a BIG FAT "NO", give me time to think about it.

You can undo a "NO" but a "YES" is etched in stone. When you say "YES" unknown to you the process has started, the emails are flying on the other side to lock you in, with a smile.

For me EVERYTHING is a "NO" "let me think about it". It actually feels good to say "NO" because that means you are saying yes to other possibilities for happiness.

It’s obvious that saying no to things that are unpleasant can make your life less complicated. There are commitments that we can avoid to make life less complicated but we don’t say no to them. [MORE]

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